Missing in Action

Any parent knows that toy/stuffy/blanket that their kid is attached to.  Unfortunately, after working hard to provide, we have reached a point where are kids are pretty spoiled, especially with all the new gadgets and stuff they have now that they didn’t have when we were kids.  Well, that in turn has resulted in them getting attached to a few key items.  Shocker, the small children are not the best at keeping track of where these items as they do their daily wanderings throughout the house.  As a result, we tend to spend a good chunk of our days wearing our Search and Rescue hats, looking for the beloved item to rescue us from the impending meltdown if we fail.

Bedtime, whether it be nap time, or night time, each kid has their specific item(s) that are required for a smooth sleepy time routine.  Our middle kid, Arrow, has generated a collection of specific soothers that are attached to little stuffies.  Although she has three to assist in the middle of the night searches, so that she can just find one and go back to sleep without us having to look, she still has her favorite.  Sorry fox and elephant, bear (or muskwa) is her primary comfort buddy.  Well, sure enough, the more she likes it, the more she brings it with her so there have been several nap times where everything stops as the house looks for this little bear.  One time, it was missing for a good couple of days!  Although we searched the house, high and low, it was nowhere to be found.

After a few days of confusion and sporadic searching, we were just confused.  We had searched everywhere within the kids realm and reach and still nothing.  The kids haven’t gone anywhere with this pandemic going on, so it couldn’t have been lost outside…we were stumped.  While tidying up, I was gathering our cardboard when I noticed something drop in between the broken down boxes and the island.  It was that stupid bear!  After updating my wife, we proceeded to try and figure out how on earth it got there.  Those boxes were not there when the bear originally went missing and we searched around and under that island so many times…it really felt like someone was playing games with us.

This morning, we had to take part in another search.  After seeing her older sister get all these cool Lego sets that were still a little too hard for Arrow’s motor skills to handle at 2, we decided to get her some Duplo.  As she is a Buzz Lightyear enthusiast, we couldn’t help but get her the Buzz and Woody train set.  Did I mention that we kind of spoil them?  Well, despite her having Buzz last night, he somehow disappeared since then.  Once again, such a disappearance rendered everything to a halt as all those awake engaged in an intense search.  We searched high and low, even in the kid kitchen microwave which is Arrow’s go-to for putting things that she likes.  Nowhere to be found.  Finally…Buzz was located inside the back of the second floor of the cat scratching post.  Why, oh why did I not think of that?

I seriously need to invest in some locating beacons or something, this is getting ridiculous.

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