My name is Sue.  I decided to start a blog about my adventures in having baby number two.  You see, in my entire 30 somewhat years, I never planned on having a baby in this tummy.  I am a military veteran and police officer that enjoys weight lifting and pushing the limits on my body.  I just never planned on the limits being with a child.

My wife and I have an adorable three year old, who is the product of my wife and IUI (You’ll learn that I don’t know what these acronyms stand for despite the fact that I probably should…).  This worked out for us because we lived in a populated area and had a short one hour drive to the fertility clinic.  Shortly after Freddie was born, we moved North effectively eliminating this option if we were going to try again.  Since then we started researching the IVF option.  I happen to know that acronym!  Invitro fertilization!

For anyone who has looked into IVF, it is not cheap.  The majority of the cost is related to the meds, but overall it is a doosy on the bank account.  As such, I looked at the benefit coverages for both myself and my wife regarding this treatment.  Fortunately, I found out that one of us was covered to receive the treatment through my work….you guessed it, it was me.  I’m not the most financially sound person, but I do prefer to spend large chunks of money on other things, like vacations!  My wife was more than willing to go either route, but I needed to do some self-reflection.  I knew I had the stuff to make it happen.  Contrary to the looks that I get when I walk into a public washroom, I am in fact a woman!  I also survived the United States Army and have survived several years to date as a police officer, in theory, I should be able to sort this one out.  Plus, then I wouldn’t have to save up all that cash and cry when I handed it over to the fertility clinic instead of a travel agent who can exchange it to a trip to the Bahamas.  It was decided.  It was on and this was going to happen.  For those who know me, this journey is one to be monitored as just the thought of me being prego makes many people giggle.  As such, this blog is to expose you to the awesomeness of this journey and allow you to be amused as I venture into the unknown world of becoming pregnant.

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