Let’s Do this

Day 1 buddy!  BOOM!

It’s about bloody time!!!  No pun intended of course…Day 1 finally decided to show up, which means the next stage can start.  21 days to go, then I have to wait for another period (FML).  But once that stubborn SOB shows up, things really get interesting.  I start taking lovely hormones again and will have to be down in civilization a couple weeks later.  Yay road trips.

Who knew that I would be so excited for this stupid thing.  Yay!  It feels like my guts are spewing out of me!  Fan freaking tastic!  I am just waiting for my reproductiveness to get back at me for what I just put it through.  You would think that it would release flow71a2e4b3ers and a thank you card for actually being used, but I am more realistic than that.  I picture the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin saying “Who disturbs my slumber?”  and then making me wish I was dead for 4-6 days or however long these damn things last.  Sorry cervix, ovaries and whatever the hell else were strained in the making of those 16 embryos.  Necessary evil my friends, just wait until the potato cannon throws one back in!

Ball is in motion for phase 2!  Booya!  We are heading home to feel normal for a couple weeks and because I am stubborn, got back to work briefly before turning around and doing this again.  Talk to you in 20 somewhat days….unless of course my already existing child does something ridiculous that I have to share, but then this thing would explode since she is ridiculous everyday!

Peace out for now!

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