Holy moly, I was not looking forward to this.  Despite my many tattoos, I am not a fan of needles by any means, but after a 5 day break, it was game time.  First chunk of treatment called for a shot in the morning and shot in the night, all in my well cushioned belly.  That part I have been training for my whole life because I needed to make sure I injected the stupid things into fat.  Luckily I have stores of it on my belly, so you are welcome doctors….the day before I started we watched the instructional videos to make sure we didn’t screw up this ridiculously expensive medication.  Not only that, but I hate being away from work as is, so I wanted this to go as smoothly as it could so that I can just knock this out and go home.  Hopefully my body can cooperate otherwise we would have some words!

The morning came and we were as edumacated as we could be thanks to the internet tutorials.  Our first, “mixture” was a bit of a cluster as we were trying to sort out the vials and needles and such.  Needless to say, we would be horrible intravenous drug users because we have to lay everything out nice and take forever.  We finally got it all in order and I prepped my fat ready to take a hit and I just stood there.  The needle was in my hand, a few inches from my belly and I was just staring at it.  My wife thought I was broken and asked if I wanted her to do it as I was just staring down releasing a mixture of cuss words under my breath accompanied by “this sucks.”  I knew I had to do it, so in it went.   None of this slow and steady stuff, I just shoved it in quick like ripping off a band-aid.  Unfortunately, a band-aid is done after its off.  This was only half done as the needle was in, but then I had to inject the meds.  I got this!  I start pushing on the syringe and “Mother F**cker!” that stuff stings when it goes in.  It’s like the needle is shooting out extra needles for fun just to see what I’ll do.  Soon enough it was done and all was good, but I have to do this twice a day.  To make me feel better my wife reminded me that I will have to do three shots a day pretty quick here.  Thanks love….that helps.  😉

12 hours later it was time for round two.  This sucker was a little more high speed (like me 🙂 as it was in pen form.  I cranked the end to the proper dose, pounded it in to the gut and boom, done.  I like this one.  No mixing so it was already my favorite and it didn’t sting at all.  I had a little bit of a staring competition with it, but made it happen.  Warrior mentality baby!  I figured I repelled down walls and did 20 k ruck marches with 50 pounds on my back, what the hell can a little needle do to me?  Right?

The ball was officially in play and there was no turning back now.  Despite my hate for needles I have definitely dealt with worse stuff, so I knew I would survive.  Unfortunately I can’t workout on this stuff because apparently twisting an ovary is a thing and I have no desire to experience that, so my entire purpose in life is to take shots and relax.  How hard can that be?

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