That Kid!

Recently we have been staying at my parents’ place.  Our room and our daughter’s room are next to each other on one side of the house, and the TV room is on the other side of the house and two floors down (basement).  In order to not keep the little one up past bed time, we set up the monitor and head down to catch up on whatever shows are stashed on the PVR…there has been only one time where we heard suspicious sounding foot steps on the main floor and came to find our little “angel” had snuck out without triggering anything on the monitor.  But since then she has been good.

Tonight, we were downstairs watching Amazing Race when we thought we heard something.  My step dad was the only other one home, and we thought that the goofy dog must have been causing the kerfuffle since it quieted down shortly after (not the usual M.O. for our little one).  There was a fairly pronounced door closing, but anyone can do that by accident….just figured it was my stepdad getting ready for bed.

Fast forward about a half hour, we are in between shows and need to go upstairs for a bathroom break.  My wife went first and did not detect any suspicious noises.  I came up a couple minutes later and my parent sensors picked up a giggle and the unmistakably mischievous voice of my little girl coming from my parents’ room.  Now, either my little ninja bypassed our security measures or my step dad had somehow morphed into a goofy little girl.  Like any trained investigator, I went in to find the answer!

I walk into the sitting area of the room and find no other than my little crazy, cuddled up to papa with a sheepish grin on her face while they watched BBC of all things.  She new the jig was up and the warden was there to bring her back to her cell.  I foolishly asked how long she had been there, and sure enough, it was about a half hour.  That door closing was actually her, as she told papa that it needed to be closed so that her mom’s wouldn’t know she was there!  Luckily papa convinced her otherwise, or I may not have heard that little giggle.  She can stealthily maneuver out of her room and down the stairs sans-detection, but her giggle will always give her away and she  is very pleased with any unauthorized activity that she successfully engages in.

That kid…

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