Gearing Down

Day 5 post retrieval came and I got another call from the egg dude.  We had 13 that were ready to put into the game,5 more that were still warming up and one more said “Peace!” and dropped the mic before walking out.  13 was already a good number, but back up is never a bad thing, so we were going to wait one more day to see what those 5 would do.

Day 6, egg dude called as planned to advise that the “kids” pulled straws and decided that three more would get called to the show, while the other two were told to hit the showers.  This left of with a nice, even number of 16 fertilized embryos in the ice box, frozen in time next to Austin Powers.  Now all I had to do is sit back and get my stupid period so that I could start phase 2.  Who knew that 👎this “guy”👎would be so eager to get my god damn period!  Sounds simple right?  I was just waiting now for the nurses to get back to me with the doctor’s game plan for phase 2.  Any day now and we could get this show on the road!

Couple days later and all indicators suggested that Aunt Flow was on her way.  Excited that I didn’t need to sit idly for much longer, I called the clinic to nail down a game plan.  That’s when it felt like my current hopes and dreams were loaded into a skeet shooter and the doc yelled pull!  Overall, everything was good, don’t get me wrong.  We had 16 ice embryos chilling, and again, I had a simple task of sit and wait.  But my task just got updated to include my worse enemy in this whole thing…time.

Remember, we are going through all this over 1500kms from home and we had already been down for roughly 3 weeks.  Being so far from home is mentally and financially taxing in itself, but then with all the appointments and such, we (I) was eager to knock this shit out and get home and back to work.  I’m very task oriented…I don’t like delays.  So when the nurse told me that the doc was adding 21 days of birth control and a five day wait before starting the next phase of hormone treatment, I was far from thrilled.  I felt defeated.  I felt like I was letting my team down back home and willing to make this damn body kick in to gear so that day 1 could start and I could at least have some control in this.  Rough count with the nurse says that as of day 1 it is 5 weeks until transfer (potato cannon) and another 2 weeks of us staying in town until we get the go/No go exam.  7 weeks!!!  How on earth could I justify spending all that time away from home and away from work?  There was something else that I had to deal with, something that I deliberately put on the back burner because I just wanted to focus on the task at hand…but I felt guilty enough being away I didn’t want to take more time.

I broke the news to my wife and it sent both of our minds into troubleshooting mode.  Her mom had taken time off to spend with us and our daughter…if you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a workaholic, so each passing day drives me crazy.  My mom expressed a possible snag in our accommodation if we did stay to just complicate things further. Naturally, My wife called her mom and I called my boss…

I have to say, that there is no better time for me to stumble into the best command team I could get.  My boss knows both missions that I am on and is 100% supportive.  He left the call to me and confirmed that he backed anything we chose.  He then laughed as he heard my wife yelling at my daughter in the background as she attempted to join another family who weren’t stuck sorting out major decisions on their phones.  One thing that has been consistent throughout is that our daughter always finds away to break the tension.

I got off my phone and the wife and I debriefed our conversations.  The decision was clear, we had to go home, at least in the interim.  We missed our dogs, our bed and our house and in the end, it was cheaper to make the three day trek back and regroup then to continue to waste money here.  It’s amazing how much we spend on food when we have all the restaurant options available to us!  I got an update from the dog boarding place that our old lady was turning into quite the helper.  Clearly after so long, she just assumed that was her new home 😉 We had a few appointments to square away first, but we would be on the road in a week.  In the meantime, I had to figure out how to convince the doctors to let me work in the interim, and had to work on my second mission…the running joke of regulating my stress levels as phase two is when that really comes into play.

Come on Aunt Flow.  Show your ugly face so that we can at least get the clock started!


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