Well That Happened

The two week wait was over and we already knew what was going down.  We aren’t the most patient of people to begin with, probably why I am not a fan of yoga….as such, we both decided to do the at home test.  Because we had to wait and do a frozen embryo transfer, we eliminated the chance of a false positive caused by the trigger shot.  We tested on day 7 post transfer, then day 8, then day 9….up until today.  Confirmation day!  Positive or negative, the results of the blood tests were coming in and they would confirm the results of the home tests.


What?  You thought I would start with the results? That’s way too easy!

We got back from the long trip South and knew that the blood test was coming up.  The problem is that if we had the test done in our town, we didn’t know when the results would make it to our fertility clinic.  If we went to this one particular lab, 5 hours away, we would get the results the next day.  Considering the news, we figured sooner would be better than later.  This lab was a short skip from where we had just moved, so we decided that my daughter and I would take a small road trip to visit for the weekend and then knock out the blood test on the way home.  Game plan established!

The youngin’ and I had a fabulous weekend visiting old friends.  There were many hugs and plenty of laughter.  Great way to finish off a stressful two week wait.  On the road to the lab, I couldn’t help but smile as I relived the visit.  That and I had an adorable little girl talking to herself in the back seat.

My daughter was a great sidekick and was really good during the blood test.  She saw the nurse holding the needle and said “Oh no mom, watch out!” I told her it was okay and then she covered eyes with her hands, before peeking through to see if I had survived.  And just like that, it was done!  Peace out, we were done.  It was time to hit the road and less than 24 hours we will have the results.  We drove home to the sounds of the Vinyl Café in the front, and whatever cartoon movie was playing in the back. We just needed to get home and wait for the call.

The next day came quickly and despite my excitement to get back to work, I slept in and was rushing out the door.  My boss had found a little kitten in his backyard and it needed a home.  This was perfect timing because we were looking to get a kitten.  Believe it or not, I was so distracted by the conversations surrounding this tiny little kitty that I almost forgot I was waiting for the call until it came.  The nurse confirmed what all the tests have told us.  It was time to call my wife and let her know.  There was a nice calm as this stage was over, we just had to figure out the next steps.  Well, I suppose I have been mean enough, so the results are below 😉



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