High Score

Got a call from the lab yesterday and the egg person provided details on the 28 suckers that the pulled out the day before.  Of the 28, 24 were mature. Of those 24, 19 were fertilized.  It was now just a waiting game to see how things go from there.  See, I’m an athlete and generally  competitive person so when I hear high scores like that it makes me happy.  The most amusing part of the concersation was when he said that I had some really great eggs!  I put that in a category called, Compliments I Never Thought I’d Get!

After I got off the phone I went and told my wife.  19 fertilized, you’re welcome!  She looked back at me and said, “No, you’re welcome!  That’s two and a half years of periods that we just eliminated and you would have never done it without being married to me!”  If thats the case then lets just keep going until those suckers are empty!

It’s been a couple of days now and I have never been this bloated in my life!  Luckily, I’m naturally fat so the average person won’t even notice!  The discomfort is getting annoying though so I’d like to have a convo with my ovaries and tell them to chill the f out, their job is done.  Apparently they are just eager beavers and got super excited that I acknowledged their existence, let alone used them!  They have been screaming “Put me in coach” and now are trying to steal the show.  Rein in that ego ovaries, or I’m going to bench you for another 33 years!

Talk about tangents…anyway, I will be laying low since I’m at risk of the Oh Hella Suckity Suck, OHSS and am already showing symptoms.  Meanwhile I’m going stir crazy because I’m not good at just resting

Egg dude will update us with progress in a couple of days.  In the meantime I am just praying for my stupid period to come so that we can do round two and get this over with.  Until then, peace out!

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