Eggs are a cooking!

Got the call from the egg dude today.  I’m pretty certain they have a fancier title than that, but I have not clue what it is.  Anyway, he let me know that all 19 fertilized eggs are holding strong and made it to Day 3.  16 of them are just solid and taking on the bad assery of their mama.  I had to wait all the way until basic to earn the nickname GI Jane, but these little ones are already kicking ass and taking names.  There are three more that are in the more reserved category, taking from my artistic and intellectual side.  Now for those of you that are laughing at that sentence, yes, I have an intellectual side thank you very much.  There was a time that I was familiar with the Chomskys and Dostoyevskys of the world…but once again I digress.  These three are going to be good investigators as they sit there quietly while the suspects either confess or dig themselves in a hole.  These three may not be the Captain America of eggs, but they are still good to go and are holding strong.  Egg dude will be calling in a couple of days to update again how my all-stars are doing before they go all Austin Powers and freeze.

While the eggs are busy growing stronger, I am reluctantly resting…Apparently when they said rest,  they actually mean rest.  Essentially, this is crap and all I want to do is go to the gym, but that is essentially forbidden.  The extended bloating, which is also crap by the way, is apparently the result of my overly eager estrogen levels.  As such, I decided to combat this in a manner that any reasonable person would.  Bring on the war movies!  A little American Sniper, Sand Box, We Were Soldiers, etc should rein in this silly estrogen and then hopefully move us on to the next step.  Until then, it will be a strict regiment of regimental movies!

Check-in in a couple of days!



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