Just Walk it Off…or Out

Here we are. We made it to the home stretch. Shockingly, my blood pressure has come down and regulated itself as soon as I was done with work. Funny how that happens. The thing is, I have been work free for a couple weeks now and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. Essentially aside from making some strategic additions to the PVR schedule, there hasn’t been much else to do. Baby’s room is ready to go. Every time I think of something else to order, I spend a chunk of cash, so no more online shopping. When is this kid going to show up and turn me into a zombie? Add that to the life goals 😉.

One thing that I have been doing regularly is exercising my mental health. You see, my dog seems to think that since I am home all the time, I should be walking her. Fortunately, the weather has recently changed so that these walks aren’t in negative ridiculous temperatures. Luckily, apparently this whole walking thing also helps in the evacuation process of my uterus. As my mom would say, it is a double word score.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with these walks. Sometimes it is just me and the dog. Sometimes we are joined by the small child. Sometimes it is a full family affair! No surprise, the time spent on the path increases exponentially when the child is involved. Especially since she is determined to make friends with all the forest creatures. Earlier this week, we were stopped for a good half hour as she was trying to communicate with a couple birds she had met. She could not understand why they kept flying away each time she tried to go pet them. Finally I was able to convince her to move on, only for her to stop for a “break” a few yards down the path. Not sure if walking backwards helps the baby come…

The little one came down with a cold and had to sit on the bench for a few walks. This meant that I could go both faster and farther with my walks. The entire time I work to try and will this kid toward the exit route, occasionally mentioning the fact that we will still go for walks when she comes out. In fact, she would be able to see so much more when that happens. The funny thing is, that on these walks, I seem to still get visits from these same birds. Each day they become a little more bold and fly right up next to me…at least until the dog notices and comes to join in on the visit.

Today, craziness happened. Apparently these prego hormones have somehow made them think that I am some Disney Princess and are clearly worth a hands on visit. Several times on today’s walk, I stopped and was joined by a little visitor. Sending a pic to my wife, I made my little girl pretty jealous. To the point where she needed to formulate a game plan to earn the birds trust next time. The way that this relationship is progressing, I feel like I will be frolicking through the forest with arms full of birds as they serenaded me. Really kid, if there was ever something cool to come out and see, I’m pretty certain this is it. I’ll keep walking until then.

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