Hurry Up and Wait

Like any major operation, all the ground soldiers are ready to roll while the LT is running on their own time. In this case, the household is ready to roll, and our little LT is still hanging out in her nice, warm bed avoiding coming out and joining the team. In the meantime, we are just doing what every soldier learns to do…hurry up and wait. In order to keep ourselves sane, we are checking the gear, then re-checking the gear, making sure everything is squared away for when the light turns green.

As you may have noticed, I have spent the majority of this pregnancy defying the “rules.” The world/society has this pre-conceived mold that pregnant people are supposed to fit into, and that revolves around ridiculously form fitting clothing and floral patterns. No thank you! Luckily I have been able to tactically re-position to a position of comfort with the assistance of my tactical maternity pants, but who says that I have to stop there? During my search for tactical maternity options, I also came across some tactical baby options once this little one pops out.

Insert Tactical Baby Gear! It is clear that the primary target audience for this company is men, but luckily, the gear is equally as bad ass for the hard core female vets out there, like myself. I was able to find the best diaper bag ever. After ordering one, I spent the next couple of weeks monitoring the tracking app and checking the mail daily once I knew it was close. Finally the day came!

I brought the box in and could not get it opened fast enough! I busted it open, almost giggling with excitement while my wife watched to see if it was worth the hype. The bag was as awesome as I had hoped and I had the molle (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) wipe pouch holder for me to attach. My favorite part though…the #MOMLIFE patch that I ordered with it. I LOVE the bag!!!! My wife…not so much, but I told her that she is stuck with me being home for a year, so she doesn’t have to carry it. Then I pointed out how it will be useful as the kids get older to, because we use backpacks all the time. This one is way more aesthetically pleasing than whatever Disney backpack I have to endure carrying. In order to make it more wife friendly, I got a Deadpool patch (her boyfriend) so that it is more universal. I have to say, my tactical maternity pants are the best pre-baby thing ever, but my TBG bag is by far the best post-baby thing I could get…aside from the actual baby of course…

Apparently the cats are a fan of the bag as well! One thing is for sure, we are geared up and ready to roll. Now this little LT needs to come out and join us!

Thank you TBG for making diaper bags cool…even if it was meant for boys šŸ˜‰

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